Instant, wireless, pixel-perfect artboard mirroring for Sketch.


There's no step three

A single keyboard shortcut beams a high resolution artboard preview to your device. Quick Compare allows for instant switching between the last two artboards. And turn on Automatic Updates to display your changes in real time.


Worldclass wireless

Using the same wireless technology as Apple features like AirDrop, Live Preview works anywhere—even when your devices aren't connected to the internet. Trusted Devices makes sure you have total control over security, too.


Pixel perfect previews

High resolution and instant preview are two opposing constraints—that’s why Live Preview intelligently switches between the two, letting you send up to @3x lossless previews of your designs with manual updates.


Proudly built for Sketch

Live Preview is carefully crafted to have zero impact on performance. An included plugin communicates with Sketch in the background, while a separate Mac app manages networking in a delightfully compact interface.

Live Preview.

Your pixel perfect design copilot.