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Store your ideas easily with a stunning interface, organize them with innovative features, and share them with everyone.

iPad Pro running Cards.


Incredibly clean.

Visual simplicity allows Cards to focus on what is most important: your ideas. Precise iconography clearly illustrates each gesture, and creates an interface that just fades away. Using subtle transitions, the cards slide underneath each other, fly off the top of the screen to be shared, and shrink into the bottom when they are deleted. Every animation is purposeful, every transition, essential.

iPhone running Cards, showing a card being swiped to the back.


Fluidity taken to a whole new level.

Rather than use buttons — which clutter the display — Cards uses gestures to preform all of its actions. Using a quick swipe to the left or right, you can browse through your cards. A swipe down deletes your current card, and a swipe up shares it. You can even shake your device to shuffle your deck of cards.

iPhone running Cards, showing the icons for gestures.

Cards for iPad

The biggest idea yet.

All of the same great features from Cards for iPhone are now on iPad. Sharing and shuffling works just as you’d expect. But now, taking full advantage of the larger display on iPad, your cards are larger, showing even more of your ideas. Gestures have even been re-tuned to let you easily and quickly flick the cards around, instead of having to drag them to the screen edge.

iPad Pro running Cards.

Light Table on iPad

See it all. At once.

With a pinch gesture, Light Table shows you all of your cards at once, in a stunning overlay view. You can easily scroll between them, and even read a section from them to find the card you are looking for. And then, with a quick tap, you can jump to any specific card, instead of having to search through your deck. It’s truly the better way to browse your cards.

iPad Pro running Cards, showing Light Table.