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The best way to keep track of scores, statistics, and anything else you can count, all wrapped up in a beautifully designed app.

iPad Pro, iPhone, and Apple Watch all running Tally.


It’s state of the art.

From the rich typography and stunning colors, to the subtle transitions and the bold iconography, every aspect of Tally has been carefully considered and designed. Whether it’s on iPad, iPhone, or Apple Watch, Tally is always delightful, easy to use, and just plain beautiful.

iPad Pro, iPhone, and Apple Watch all running Tally.

Apple Watch

Wherever your counting takes you.

Tally for Apple Watch has all of the same great functionality as Tally for iPhone, so it works just as you would expect. And because it’s on your wrist you can take your counting with you everywhere. It even supports a complication, so your count can be right on your favorite watch face, ready for viewing at a glance.

Three Apple Watches running Tally.

Billboard Mode

Control the crowds.

Using secure peer-to-peer networking, you can mirror the count from your Apple Watch on your iPhone, allowing you to present it on a bigger display. It’s great for large games or times you need to show a score to a crowd. Billboard Mode also lets you magnify your count with just a tap, making it even easier to see from a distance.

Tally on iPhone and Tally on Apple Watch connected via Billboard Mode, and displaying the same count.

Multitasking on iPad

Fantastic flexibility.

Along with supporting iPad in fullscreen, at any orientation, Tally works with Slide Over and Split View. This lets you use Tally side-by-side with other apps. So now you can count attendees of a show while keeping the ticket software running right next to your tally. Or you can count the score of a game while having the rules open at the same time. The possibilities are endless.

iPad with Tally and Calendar open, side–by–side.


Beyond the count.

Along with providing the main counter, Tally also includes a second Mini Counter, located in the bottom right corner of the screen on iPhone, and the full right side of the screen on iPad. So now, you can keep track of two numbers at once. Tally on iPhone even includes two different kinds of dice, which is especially helpful for all kinds of games.

A closeup of Tally on iPhone, showing the Mini Counter and Dice.